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Awesome !

Moom saved me a lot of time. Easy to use and

Featureful yet lightweight

Keyboard shortcuts, predefined layouts, on-the-spot move & resize on a tiled grid, all in an unobtrusive package: perfect.

New version no available - Price policy = scam

According to their website, the last version (3.2.2) is not available on AppleStore "due to Apple policies" Moreover, the update to next major version will be full price for mac buyers !! @Many Tricks: if you don’t want to respect Mac buyers, do not sale your softwares on AppleStore. For me, this is just a theft. I uninstall it and will use Divvy

Great functionality, but eats CPU

Great functionality, really great. But it eats about 1 to 2 percent of CPU when you move the mouse. I didnt liked this.

Ganz nett

Sieht bisher ganz nett aus, was ich mir allerdings für die Einfachheit wünschen würde, wäre das Ziehen an den Bildschirmrand um Aktionen auszuführen (Resize etc.). Dann gibts den 5. Stern. Looks pretty nice. But Id like to have a function to set actions by dragging a window to the screen-border. The option to get my 5th star.

slow on macbook 2,1

unfortunately moom slows down my system/window management on an old macbook 2,1 dramatically.

Best in Class Window Manager

Moom is for me the ultimate window manager period. The amount of things you can do is amazing, I use it daily to manage all my windows into truly productive workspaces

worth ever penny!

jeden cent wert!

This fixed my Windows



Super hilfreiche App! Funktioniert deutlich besser als beispielsweise Cinch.

On of the most detailed tools of this kind

The functions are awesome, the price could be a bit lower


Few days trying Deskovery, which cost $25. Today found this one. Its do almost the same (everything I personally need) but cost just $5! Highly recommended!

Does the job, but incompatible with HyperDock

Does the job, but incompatible with HyperDock. Ive submitted a ticket to the dev team - almost instant reply (wow!). They will check if it can be corrected.

Great tool

Great tool for managing your app windows. Brilliant the way you access the app by hovering over the + (Maximize) button.

Works Great, Great Support

Moom works very well, has low system impact, and his plenty configurable. Interfrace is slick and usable. Developer has great support in updating the application. One thing I would like to see is an option that helps snap windows to eachother when you are doing manual resizing by dragging the bottom corner. However, that may be outside the scope of the application.


I installed this app for use on my Macbook Pro. It functioned well with the exception of Safari. When I opened that application it appeared behind the desktop picture showing only the top half inch of the page. The only way I could get it to the front was to click on the green traffic light to open the drop down box of Mooms options and select full page. This was a pain and did not occur when I opened other apps. I emailed Many Tricks to see if this was nomal but received no reply. I removed the app from my computor but the bug (problem still existed) and I had to contact Mac tech support to have the files removed and bring my laptop back to normal. This app would be good if they solved the bug.


This app for me is exactly what OSX Lion was missing. Because of the way I use layouts and the work I do in design, im constantly opening and shuffling windows. Now, I have my Logitech Performance MX mouse set to trigger window sizes with a simple click. My workflow has never been this smooth.

Simply amazing

For me, this is a must. I mostly use keyboard cutsom actions and they are awesome. You can set any keyboard (mouse accessible as well) shortcut to either move a window, resize it, align it, go back to previous settings, etc. While highly customizable and powerfull, its simple to configure and use. I tried few others and this one looks to be the best and has a reasonnable price tag. I highly recommend it.


Ive actually already written a full review on this application on another website, so Ill just say the obvious. This app is one that I use countless times a day, and is probably the most useful. I completely recommend that you get it, because it is amazing.


Very easy to use, but also very customizable and powerful, very glad I found out about this app, very helpful in a day-to-day workflow.

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